Release Date: December 11, 2013
Author: Wil Wheaton
Director: Gabrielle de Cuir / Publisher: Skyboat Media

In this short but sweet memoir, Wil Wheaton, best known for his role as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation, dishes about everything from psycho fans to the joys of being a stepfather with equal parts warmth and humor. The narrative itself is amusing, but hearing him mimicking costars (such as a dead-on impression of Patrick Stewart as Captain Picard saying his famous ‘Make it so’) brings it to a whole new level of hilarity. He also enlivens the wacky world of comic convention attendees with vocal caricatures, performing a variety of accents…An amusing listen for anyone who’s truly a geek at heart.

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The genius that is Wil Wheaton and Gabrielle go way back.  Here, they team up in the studio once more to collaborate on Wil’s beautiful memoir.  Wil is talented beyond words—an actor, writer, narrator, proud nerd, and all-around stellar human being.  Don’t miss this heartwarming collection that brings readers the true tales of his life.

With a true geek’s unflinching honesty, Wil examines life, love, the web, and the absurdities of Hollywood in these compelling autobiographical narratives.  Based on pieces first published in Wil’s hugely popular blog, www.wilwheaton.net, the stories in Dancing Barefoot chronicle a teen television star’s journey to maturity and self-acceptance.  Far from the usual celebrity tell-all, Dancing Barefoot is a vivid account of one man’s version of that universal story, the search for self.  If you’ve ever fallen in love, wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a Star Trek convention, or thought hard about the meaning of life, you’ll find a kindred soul in the pages of Dancing Barefoot.  In the process of uncovering his true geeky self, Wil Wheaton speaks to the inner geek in all of us.  —downpour.com

The stories include:

“Houses in Motion” – Memories fill the emptiness left within a childhood home, and saying goodbye brings them to life.

“Ready or Not Here I Come” – A game of hide-and-seek with the kids works as a time machine, taking Wil on a tour of the hiding and seeking of years gone by.

“Inferno” – Two fifteen-year-olds pass in the night, leaving behind pleasant memories and a perfumed Car Wars Deluxe Edition Box Set.

“We Close Our Eyes” – A few beautiful moments spent dancing in the rain.

“The Saga of SpongeBob VegasPants” – A story of love, hate, laughter, and the acceptance of all things Trek.

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