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For Audible.com

It was just a year ago that Janis flew out to SKYBOAT MEDIA from her home in Nashville to record her autobiography SOCIETY’S CHILD for Audible.com.

Stefan handled this very special project with love and care right from the word go. He and Janis had met through their mutual friend, author Orson Scott Card years ago.

This marked their first collaboration as producer and artist. He and Janis spent the week in Studio A recording her life’s story. The unique and thrilling touch to this production is the elegant way in which Janis begins each chapter with a small section of a song. Stefan produced with aplomb and the SKYBOAT MEDIA staff could be found gathered around the studio door, with their ears, trying to catch a note here and there of Janis’ special brand of magic. You don’t have to do that. Just go to Audible, download it, and enjoy!

This wonderful project is a Grammy finalist this year in the Spoken Word Category. This is Janis’ 9th nomination and Stefan’s 3rd. Catch up, Stefan!

More from Janis www.janisian.com

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  1. […] Great insight into the unsung heroes of post-production from Ted Scott & Heather Scott of SkyBoat Media, about their work on the audio that won both the 2013 Best Spoken Word Grammy AND the 2013 Best […]

  2. Gabrielle says:

    And now winner!!!!

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